We offer personal & private group training at Average Joes MMA. We are committed to working with you to gain the results you want.
Whether your goal is to lose weight, tone up, build bulk, learn self defense or compete in combat sports we can put together the perfect program for you!

  • Lose Weight.
  • Get in Shape.
  • Tone up.
  • Learn Self Defense
  • Bulk up.
  • Gain Strength.
  • Increase Cardio conditioning.
  • Learn Self Defense.
  • Build Confidence.
  • Compete in Combat Sports.

Here’s a list of some of the Personal and small Group training we offer:

• Fitness
* Mixed Martial Arts
• Catch Wrestling
• Muay Thai Kickboxing
• Submission Wrestling
• Boxing
• Womens Kickboxing
• Fighter training
• Grappling – Leg Locks
• Womens Self Defense -rape awareness / prevention
• Street self defense
• Child bully proof program
• Close Quarter Hand to Hand Combat
• Ground fighting (sportive & non-sportive)
• Weapons attack & defense
• Empty hand vs blade
• Empty hand vs blunt weapon (ASP, stick, bat, ect)
• Blade vs Blade, stick or empty hand
• Stick vs stick, empty hand or blade
• Lethal & non lethal compliance techniques – Come alongs, joint & wrist locks
• Multiple attackers
• Crowd fighting
• Jacket techniques
• Anti grappling (keeping the fight standing)
• Clinch fighting with & without weapons
• Weapon disarms with empty hand
• Weapon disarms with a weapon
• Weapon retention
• Tactical Pen
• Grappling with weapons
• Improvised weapons, brick, bottle, chair, ect
• Family / pedestrian protection against armed or unarmed opponent(s)


Average Joes MMA has been changing lives since 2015 and has one of the most innovative programs in the nation.

Come in for a FREE CLASS and see for yourself!

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