Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is where everything we teach at Average Joe’s MMA comes together.
Striking from Boxing / Kickboxing, Takedowns & Grappling from CSW & Catch Wrestling, Strength & Conditioning from our Fitness Classes.
With all of these styles combined we will get you on track to becoming a well rounded fighter in no time!
To date Average Joe’s MMA has coached many competitors including over 20 Title Belt holders!

In our MMA Class you will learn:

  • Striking & Clinching
  • Takedowns
  • Submissions

Executive Program (no contact):
Do you work in an office or deal with people all day & cant afford to have bruises or possible injuries?
Then our Executive Program is for you!
Learn ALL real techniques & drills without the risk of injury from sparring.


Average Joes MMA has been changing lives since 2015 and has one of the most innovative programs in the nation.

Come in for a FREE CLASS and see for yourself!

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